Greets. Welcome to my little niche. I'll toss up various general foo for Shadowrun materials I'm dealing with.

Don't know what Shadowrun is? Drop by the Denver Homepage for lots of great info, including information on how to join us in the online community there.

Looking for extra Shadowrun material? Try the Dumpshock Archive. They've got info from all over world compiled into one huge, searchable database, along with column and articles about Shadowrun.

My stuff:

Maps -- For the curious: I used the GIMP to draw these.
Plots -- Evil.
Section Six -- Okay, this one's going to need some explaining.
See, a while back ago, I got this neat idea. Why not make a secret organization that's /so/ secret - and so small - that anyone with clearance high enough to know about it wouldn't have time to be bothered with such a tiny appropriation? Then I went and overdid it a little, such that I got access into any sort of corporation in the world, and well... you get the picture. It never got approved, so it doesn't exist. Honest! I'm still trying to rework the idea into something more reasonable.

Probability.xls -- This is an Excel spreadsheet that does probability calculations.
It will calculate the likelihood of rolling X dice at Y target number and getting Z successes. This likelihood is called the 'Confidence Interval'. When I play my character, I aim for a 'Confidence Interval' of 95% or more on all my rolls. Less than that, and it's all down to luck.

NRapr12.ZIP -- Netrunner patch v1.2 for Apprentice v1.46
This patch file lets you use Netrunner cards instead of Magic: the Gathering cards, so you can play online. Sweet!! appr146.exe -- And this is Apprentice v1.46 so you can use the patch.
Basic Netrunner Rules -- I think you can guess.